Today Is My Last Day | by ferya gabes

I am in pain. I'm rotting I say help me, they run away. I say I'm dying, they ask when will you die.
Why do people strive to understand each other?

Why don’t they accept me as I am and take them among them?

Why do I have to get their attention and talk to them when I don’t believe them to love me? Why do I have to compete for existence?

I don’t want to live alone anymore.


ferya gabes

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ferya gabes

About the Ferya Gabes

What was your last day?

A living dead. So do the dead like? At least as much as the living..  Why is it indispensable when considering the cruelty and beauty of life? My pen is my best friend..

This novel captures all your emotions even in the first 20 pages. I recommend everyone to read it. Ferya Gabes may be the Picasso of the novel world.

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